Why should your customer buy directly from you?


  • Profit added into vehicle sale

  • The customer buys directly from your dealership

  • Fixed Pricing through exclusive web portal quoting tool

  • Cost can be included into loan or lease

  • Parts and Labor Warranty included 

  • Next day install appointment

  • Permitted and Insured installation

  • Installed by Bonded Certified C10 Electricians

  • You have uniform EV installation solution making it easy to add the service 

  • Your trained by the experts




of your customer!

  • Profit Leaks:  factory programs (if they even have one), you steer your customers toward a local electrician, Amazon 3rd party providers and other web sites

  • CSI: Customer Frustration of shopping and searching online for the right electrician/installer

  • Your customers bidding process can be confusing and takes too long

  • Takes 2- 3 weeks to schedule installation

  • They are not guaranteed certified installer

  • Often the permit is not included

  • Total cost is can misleading

  • Your customer pays for the service out of pocket

  • No EV training

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